DBA (Death by Acronym) on CELTA

Muddles into Maxims

There can be so many different acronyms used on the CELTA course, uttered and echoed so many times. The entire affair is slathered in them. Its something trainees often struggle with, comment on, and joke about. Is this AOK? Or should I be asking WTF? IMO, it’s something that’s worth a WCSL (well-considered second look).

[*NOTE: Before going any further, I want to say  that I’m well aware of the difference between an acronym and an initialism. What I call “acronyms” in this post are, in fact, initialisms according to the very straightforward dictionary definition (acronyms are said as words, like NASA – initialisms like FBI aren’t). Here’s the thing: people these days brazenly, even gleefully, ignore this fact. I’m people. Hence, I ignore it too. I apologize if this bothers you. I also pity you.]

These endless acronyms include:

CCQ (Concept Checking Question)

ICQ (Instruction…

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